Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yusuf Estes - The Beauty of Islam

Ok, enough with the Sulaiman Moola spamming =P I gots a new favourite Sheikh, and am probably gonna be spamming his videos on here in the upcoming days xD Sheikh Yusuf Estes.

First a little about him, the following are little text chunks from his official biography. If you wanna read the whole thing it's here

Sheik Yusuf Estes was born in the midwest United States 1944 to a religious Christian family. They to Houston, Texas in 1949 where he grew in the Disciples of Christ and was baptised into the church in 1956. Over the years he completed his studies in music and became a music teacher, well known entertainer and businessman and finally a music minister calling people to the Lord with his music and Bible.

During his business career he built up a chain of music stores and even had his own television series called the "Estes Music Jamboree". He and his father owned businesses and worked together in spreading religion and politics, all at the same time.

Although he had great wealth, Sheik Yusuf continued to seek the Lord while calling people to Jesus and Christian salvation.

His first encounter with a Muslim occured in 1991 when his father introduced him to a man from Egypt. When he discovered the man was a Muslim he began immediately trying to convert him to Jesus and join the church. However, the Muslim brought about a new understanding about the world's fastest growing religion and a real awakening to true Islam. While trying to convert the Muslim to Christianity Sheik Yusuf learned an important lesson about life, religion and God Almighty: You do not guide the one you love, but it is only God Almigthy Who Guides to His Way, whomever He Wills.

After three months of debates and dialogs with the Egyptian he watched as a Catholic priest friend of his, Father Peter Jacobs, accepted Islam and became a Muslim near Dallas, Texas. Then he, his father, his wife and children all became Muslims.

I came across a lecture of his today morning, called (The Beauty of Islam). The reason why I clicked on the video is because he reminded of my grandfather (may Allah have mercy on his soul) when I looked at the thumbnail image of the video. I kinda felt a bit of nostalgia, and hoped perhaps the old guy in the video would talk like my Hababu (what I used to call Grandpa). Well, I got what I kinda got what I hoped for and even more =D

The same sense of humor as my Hababu! I found myself smiling throughout most of the videos. Also the same method of intresting story telling way of explaining points, mashaAllah. The Sheikh starts out by telling us about the misconception some people have that if you are a pious muslim, life would be dandy all the time. That's not so at all. Allah said in the Holy Quran that he will test the muslims to see who is the truthful and has truly submitted to Allah's will from those who lie. The Sheikh explains this point to us using himself as an example, telling us what happened to him after the time he became a muslim (basically, he lost everything).

I urge you to watch the lecture, it's truly heart warming. And there is a beautiful surprise in the 7th video =P

YouTube Playlist: Yusuf Estes - The Beauty of Islam

(The first video's embbed feature has been disabled, sorry about not including the playlist videos here as well =( )


G-chan said...

Been listening to him all morning!
Mashallah he's wonderful.


Sara said...

He is la .. what did you think of the topic he discussed?

G-chan said...

Very powerful and wow at the 7th video!

I loved how he answered that ladies question "Why can Muslim men have 4 wives while a woman can only have one husband?". I love his sense of humor because it just makes the whole speech even more interesting. I think this is a good approach because it attracts many people especially our age range 16-25+.

Looking forward to more of his videos.

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