Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nouman Ali Khan - Divine Speech

Another 1 week and I will be done with a big stage of my life inshaAllah.

All thanks goes to Allah that I made it this far, it really does feel unreal .. AlHamdullah.


Yes, I am going through a Nouman craze at the moment =P MashaAllah I can't have enough of his lectures ... the way he interprets the verses and presents his thoughts. I also love how he approaches it from the classical literature point of view, i.e that this is a book that was revealed to a tribe that took pride in literature and poetry and none of them could come even close to creating such a thing.

I am a big fan of literature, I read books and am mesmerized by the words that a human brain can produce, the tying together of thought, feeling and expression in a few sentences. However, over the past two years I lost my love for reading. I couldn't find anything that spoke to me on the level that books once did. In fact, I lost interest in a lot of things, life was generally living it out each day at a time. All this time the Quran was on my shelf and I am ashamed to admit that I hardly ever read it, and if I did it would be just because it's a duty (Friday: reading Surat al Kahaf, or during Ramadhan). This has all changed now.

I feel excitment when I am about to read the Quran. I sit on the floor, with my back leaning against my bed and recite the Quran slowly, carefully. It's like I am seeing things I never realized were in there before. Sentences jump out at me, I go back and reread verses again and again, I recall lectures and stories that I have heard over the years and I am able to pull out the morals from them. I tell myself that I should read a certain amount then go off and do chores, but end up reading more and more. It's almost like soul cleansing, the way I feel before and after reciting the Quran is completely different, all the negative emotions and feelings are completely gone. AlHamdulillah.

One of the things that contributed to this is education about my religion ... the more I learn, the more my eyes open and the more I fall in-love with Islam.

Here's a video that's excellent in terms of education, one of the best from brother Nouman. I've watched it twice already and will gladly watch it over and over. May Allah grant this brother and all the Muslims the high Ferdaws, Ameen.

Nouman Ali Khan - Divine Speech part 1

Nouman Ali Khan - Divine Speech part 2

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nouman Ali Khan Tafseer

An update on the post where I shared links to mp3 files of bother Nouman's tafseer of Surat al Naba'. I've listened to nearly all the files available on the site so far (with more coming out week by week) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I like how brother Nouman gives different view points and then reasons on why this viewpoints exist, and gives his opinion on the matter. Inspiring person hehe.

Here's the link to where you can access all the files:

Store them on an MP3 player and listen to them whenever possible: driving, training, cleaning the house, etc.



The website has undergone some changes and you can now listen to the Tafseers as podcasts hosted on the site.

Black American Revert Story

Another two weeks till I am done with Uni .. inshaAllah 5air.

I miss this place =(

My honors presentation and interview is on Tuesday. The first year group I have been managing have their presentation on Friday. I also have to submit my design report on that day.

I need to conduct a usability study on AutoBOB (the indexing programme I developed) and submit it's report on 30th of October. Also, a diary study report is due and I have my Data Mining exam on the same day.

Then I leave New Zealand on the 3rd of November, arrive in Oman on 5th and begin my life as a University graduate, inshaAllah =)


I loved hearing this dude's story.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tafsir: Nouman Ali Khan - Surat An Naba'

The video is an intro by brother Nouman to his dream: being able to teach arabic and relate the tafsir of the Quran from the language it was brought down in precisely.

The following two link are a first in a series of lectures offered by Nouman where he will faser (the act of performing tafseer) juzo' amma (the last section in the Quran). All lectures can be found:

The first lectures revolve around Surat An Naba'. The sound quality is not the best to be honest, but it becomes perfect with the second lecture (guess they fixed the mic problem or whatever it was). The lectures are in MP3 format and can be downloaded and placed in your MP3 player for later listening =P


Surat An Naba' 1

Surat An Naba' 2



The Bayyinah website has gone through some changes and you can now listen to the lectures as podcasts hosted on the site. Here are the links to Surat An Naba' lectures:

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yusuf Estes - Priests and Preachers entering Islam

The title is a little misleading with this lecture. Although Sheikh Yusuf does mention a little on the topic of the title, he mostly concentrated on it from his point of view (he used to be a protestant music minister). It's a really lovely talk, where he talks in detail on his coming to Islam, as well as the people around him (friend, wife, father). I always learn something new from Sheikh Yusuf's talk (even if his jokes are kinda repeated alot xD) and feel so inspired that such a human being exists on this Earth =)

Enjoy! Here are the YouTube links

Yusuf Estes - Priests and Preachers entering Islam

Yusuf Esters - Priests and Preachers entering Islam (Q&A)

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