Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tafsir: Nouman Ali Khan - Surat An Naba'

The video is an intro by brother Nouman to his dream: being able to teach arabic and relate the tafsir of the Quran from the language it was brought down in precisely.

The following two link are a first in a series of lectures offered by Nouman where he will faser (the act of performing tafseer) juzo' amma (the last section in the Quran). All lectures can be found:

The first lectures revolve around Surat An Naba'. The sound quality is not the best to be honest, but it becomes perfect with the second lecture (guess they fixed the mic problem or whatever it was). The lectures are in MP3 format and can be downloaded and placed in your MP3 player for later listening =P


Surat An Naba' 1

Surat An Naba' 2



The Bayyinah website has gone through some changes and you can now listen to the lectures as podcasts hosted on the site. Here are the links to Surat An Naba' lectures:

Part 1

Part 2


Madina said...

i been looking for Tafsir of surah naba and this is where i find it but i cant download it. can u please fix the link

Sara said...

Hiya! Just visited the web site of Nouman Ali Khan's institution looks like they made lots of changes there and so URLs have been messed around with. Will fix link now inshaAllah =)

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