Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amr Khalid: Quran Stories - Episode 8

One of the points presented by Amr Khalid in this show was about how the Prophets spent alot of time alone with nature before revelations reached them. It was part of making their belief stronger. Yesterday I had the lovely opportunity for the first time in my life to pray outdoors, in front of an ocean. I took a photo of the view. It's a different experience, praying to the sounds of nothing but the lapping of the water, and lifting your head after the Salam to see Allah's creation in front of your eyes: the sky, the mountain, the water. I think this might be one of the reasons why people are losing their Eman these days, we don't see Allah's creation before our eyes, but are surrounded by concrete monsters.

The photo was taken during the morning time, we prayed later during the afternoon. The sun was in front of us and lighting slightly different. Btw, afternoon is my favourite time of the day =P The period that's like two hours before sunset.


And here's the episode =P

Amr Khalid: Quran Stories - Episode 8


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