Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amazing Revert Story

An Aussie chap speaks about how he went from being an Atheist to a Muslim.

Pretty funny story hehe.

YouTube Playlist: Amazing Revert Story


G-chan said...

Aaah! I loved this.
As much as it made me laugh I actually teared when he talked about "asking Allah for a sign" and how he didn't get the sign and returned to reading quran...the Aaya he landed on just brought tears to my eyes because of how strong it was. Sub7anallah!

God bless you hon.
And 9iyam maqbool inshallah =)

Sara said...

Am about to watch the story for the fourth time now xD I loved it so much, I agree about the quran verse he read, it gave me goosebumps.

I was laughing so hard when he spoke about how walked straight into the mosque with no shoes, and thought he was gonna die when the dude with the long beared approached him haha.

Sara said...

ooh .. and:

Ameeeeeeeen jamee3an ya raab ^_^

Moi said...

This was a good one.. I couldn't help but smile throughout! About the Ayah, it's as though Allah was speaking to him directly... It's scary I tell you. It happenend to me few months ago and I freaked out! Subhan Allah.
(aka: Cherry) :p

Sara said...

Hey hun =)

What struck me about what he said also is that he realized how arrogant he was when the signs where around him all the time. What I mean is I liked his perspective on the whole thing.

Lily said...

sub7an Allah..

was laughing throughout
then quietened when he got to the ayah about the signs, that was really moving, sub7anallah, I got teary from awe too
ah that was wonderful

thanks a lot for sharing Sara ^^

Sara said...

You are welcome dearie =)

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