Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily Jewish Prayer & Submission

Came across this pretty interesting video of a jewish prayer. Apparently the practice of kneeling bowing the head to the ground stopped becoming a daily part of jewish prayer, most don't even know it was actually a part of the prayer custom.

This is the comment from the uploader on youtube

In our days there are not many Jews who still kneel and bow during regular daily prayer. A noticable number of Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews do bow to the ground during Yom haKipurim and Rosh haShana. Most Jews are not even aware that such is the historical practice of the Jewish people to kneel and prostrate during regular daily prayer. Therefore, be prepared that if you kneel or prostrate in most synagogues, you are sure to get reactions of surprise. They may or may not be encouraging reactions. Nonetheless, so long as you are still able to concentrate properly while praying and are willing to endure the possible consequences of bowing and prostrating in public, I only encourage you to do so. It is a shame to fear men more than the Most High. How can bowing or prostrating be a sign of arrogance, especially when you know people may look upon you negatively for doing so? Rather, it is an expression of humility and submission to the Almighty.
There uploader wrote alot more, I suggest you click on the video's link and have a read of the entire comment. The following two quotes (which is from this website that the uploader shared in his comment as well) are intriguing

"Now when Daniel knew that the document was signed, he went into his house; Now in his roof chamber he had windows open toward Jerusalem; and he continued kneeling on his knees three times every day, making requests and giving thanks before his G-d, AS HE HAD BEEN DOING BEFORE..." Daniel 6:11-14 [10-13]

"As for me, I shall call unto the All-powerful Authority, and the ALL-TRANSCENDENT One will save me. Evening, morning, and noon, I shall make supplication and moan; and He has heard my voice." Psalm 55:17-18
And here is the video showing the jewish prayer. Now where have you seen something similar to this before =P


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