Monday, August 24, 2009

Amr Khalid: Quran Stories - Episode 2

This episode was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I applaud Amr Khalid, as well as his team for the effort that they put into making this show.

In the second episode, the story of Prophet Moosa Peace Be Upon Him is continued. However, before delving any deeper into the story, we are taken back to the time of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) Peace Be Upon Him. Prophet Moosa is the great grandchild of Prophet Yaqoob (Jacob) Peace Be Upon them both, and we are shown their family tree. Amr Khalid then explains what happened to reduce the children of Israel (who is Yaqoob Peace Be Upon Him) from their high status during the time of Prophet Yusuf, to being slaves during the time of Prophet Moosa Peace Be Upon Them Both.

I've heard this story so many times in my life, but I learnt new information today. I loved how the history of what happened was explained to us, and I did some research and reading after watching the episode to learn more about the Hyksos. They are the group of people whom ruled Egypt during the time of Prophet Yusuf Peace Be Upon Him.

I also came across this rather interesting article regarding the number of Pharohs from the Quranic Prespective. Kinda related to the topic I guess xD

Finally, I loved the moral that was delivered in the show. In our current world, it's hard dealing with justice, since there is more injustice this world than justice lol. May Allah forgive us all for what's happening on the surface of this planet.

I won't embed the video here, but provide a link to it in YouYube in HD.

Amr Khlaid: Quran Stories - Part 2


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