Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yusuf Estes - Discovering Ramdan

I've got so many lectures of this Sheikh that I want to share, but I'll take it one step at a time rather than flooding this place. This lecture takes place in New Zealand!

The Sheikh talks about his discovery of what Ramadan is during his first month of it after coming to Islam, and he ties it with how alot of Muslims are yet to discover Ramadan themselves. My favourite part of the lecture is when he talks about what Taqwa really is, and how Ramadan is a chance for us to increase our Taqwa.

I thought it would be a nice lecture to share, what with we are still in the first day of Ramadan and so still have the chance to achieve our best during it =)

Btw, the Sheikh looks so adorable with the green sweater worn on top of the Thowb xD

YouTube Playlist: Yusuf Estes - Discovering Ramadan


G-chan said...

I love this person...I just really enjoy listening to him. The way he talks is just so nice!

Thanx =)

Sara said...

You are welcome. I've got two other awesome lectures of his lined up to be shared on her inshallah. Glad you enjoyed it =D

Lily said...

About what he said at first

Makes you appreciate things more
and even look at them with a new light

I love it when things still awe me no matter how frequent or familiar it has become
and it's nice to get reminders like these.. so the feeling is renewed if it ever fades or is forgotten

May we always recognize the value of what we have inshallah, see and revere the miracles in the ordinary (<-hehe just got reminded of sarah mclachlans song xD)
be mindful of His blessings wo ne7medhu for them

and may we increase our taqwa inshallah!

thank you for sharing <3

Sara said...

Ameeeen ya raab!

After I heared this lecture, I imagined if one of my non muslim friends saw me performing wu'9oo2, then praying ... how would it look to them? Pretty strange I'll say when it's a normal everyday thing to me... Watching people pray in Makkah as well would be super freaky ... Even thikr would be strange to them when it's normal to us .. Sub7an Allah xD

You are welcome =)

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