Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. Imad Bayoun - Optimism

Dr. Imad Bayoun is widely recognized for his commitment to religious education, especially among the youth. As a lecturer for the Muslim American Society (MAS: a religious, social, cultural and educational, not-for-profit organization) and as a council member of the MAS-Inland Empire chapter, Bayoun spends most of his free time teaching others about Islam. His unique way of speaking talking to the heart has inspired many. Bayoun was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and came to the United States in 1989. He currently resides in Riverside and works as an entomologist, employed as the Insectary and Quarantine Officer at the University of California at Riverside.

Here are two short lectures given by the Dr. revolving around the topic of Optimism. It made me think at the end of it "Where exactly does happiness come from?"

Optimism in life leads to positive energy, which leads to happiness. I always thought my happiness lies in the things that surround me to be honest. My family, my accomplishments, my friends. Not so much material things though I never really had an incredible interest in them, it was more like if I had something then YAY! ... and if I don't then YAY! as well. It didn't matter to me.

But the human beings in my life, family and friends as well as making something of my life, these used to drive me insane at times and bring me incredible joy at other times. If something did not go according to what I had hoped, it would affect me really badly, if someone spoke to me in a way that hurt me, it would bring me down to rockbottom. And this was really taking a toll on me. I thought these were the things that define a blessed life.

But right now, talking about how I used to be, it seems so alien to me. I guess I am beginning to realize the importance of faith in Allah, optimism when viewing my surrounding and contentment with all that I have. That's where I find true peace, and hence joy.

It's hard to describe it .. the feeling. Its almost like you see a certain shade of blue and everyday you look at it, it's the same color. If anyone asks you what shade of blue it is, you confidently answer them. But then one day, when you actually scrutinize it closely, you realize it was infact a different shade of blue, not the one you thought it was all this time! The veil over your eyes that was telling you it's the wrong shade of blue is gone.

By no means am I totally enlightened yet =P Still got more to learn and understand. Al HamduLillah.


Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum..
I really wanted to watch the video but i couldn't stream it.
Probably the connection..
InshaAllah next time i'll try :)

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