Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where have I been?

This is gonna be an (about me) update. First I want to apologize for not having been taking care of this place like I said I would, but I really got caught up with Ramadan and my studies. My days were composed of:

-Waking for su7oor, reading Quran, praying, reading a little more Quran and maybe some Duaas, sleep

-Wake up, get dressed up, off to uni

-Go immediatly to friend's place for if6ar

-Come home usually about 8 pm, pray Taraweeh

-A bit of studies or surfing on the web and sleep

In the beginning I was able to manage my time well because I did not have a lot of assignments due at Uni, but then they started piling up one by one and ... AHH!

Oh well that part is over with, and Ramadan is over as well =( May Allah accept all our fasting and worship throughout this whole month. The air does not feel the same at all with the Holy Month gone.

And Eid Mubarek! Eid here was on a Monday, but I decided to skip lectures and spend the day under the shade of a tree, eating yummy BBQ with fellow Muslims here hehe.

The most crazy Uni time of the year is creeping up. I have 4 weeks left until I have to

-Hand in Managment Report

-Hand in Design Report

-Finish Usability Project

-Prepare for a presentation

-Design a poster for engineering day

and throw a couple of assignments here and there. May Allah help me through this time. I do admit that I am kinda nervous, but I will do my best and whatever happens I will be satisfied with it. Hehe, inshaAllah Khair =).


I will do my best to keep this place alive during the next month. Salam Alekoum!


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