Friday, September 4, 2009

Nouman Ali Khan - Our Legacy for the Next Generation: Doubt?

I guess I am considered to be in the middle when it comes to generations. What I mean is that I am not the next generation, as in I am not that young anymore, nor am I the current generation, as in I have not contributed as much to my society to be counted as one. Haha hope that made sense =P Nevertheless, this lecture by brother Nouman is a gem for all generations. It shows how far we have strayed from the path by arguing over petty thing, missing the big picture and hence warranting Allah's Subhanho Wa Taala's wrath on us. Disagreement is normal amongst human beings, after are all each is an individual on his own. What we need to learn to do is live with these disagreements in a light manner, not letting them take control over us. The art of talking when needed, and backing down when did so needs to be pounded into so many people's heads haha. Speaking your mind all the time being counted as a good trait is a misconception.


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