Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As Salam Alekoum

Hehe ... well to be honest with you, my dear reader, I am kinda stumped as to how to start this post. My fingers have been lingering on the keyboard for a few minutes as I racked my brain for the best opening, and decided to just talk about what exactly is on my mind right now. I am feeling a bit of shame for having let this place go and get slightly dusty, and so would like to basically tell you a little of what has been going on with me and where I am right now. The past couple of months, I've been juggling three jobs. I will not do that again lol. I came to realize that, even though I do have the skill, love and motivation to do the best in each of them, I still dont have the best time organizing skills nor discipline to complete my tasks as I was supposed to. Also, I ended not doing as well as I know I can in each one of them. I was not very happy with myself. I decided that rather than trying to do as many things as I can at a time, I need to begin to make decisions on what my true capabilites are and hence what I really can achieve in a certain amount of time. Al Hamdullah, it was a good learning experience =)

So now, to the present. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia =) It's my first real holiday for a looooooong while now, and I am really enjoying myself Al Hamdullah! The malls and shopping in KL is amazing haha. And oh the foooooooooooood I have been spending ALOT of quality time with the bakeries here. Everytime we pass by one I have to step in to it xD Cake Sense has yummy Banana Muffins! Do pass by if you're in the city =P The Mosques are beautiful, every mall has a prayer area with a clean place to perform wudhu and also clean head and body coverings available for the ladies (for those who are not muthajbat) I really liked that it catered to them also. I have not visited any other place other than KL so far, but from my browsing of the different areas of Malaysia its a super gorgeous country <3 We will be visiting other areas soon inshaAllah. Also, I'll be spending the first week of Ramadhan here. I am so looking forward to that =D

As Salam Alekoum <3


Kitten said...

Have fun while you're there and take tons of pictures. I'm going to China myself in 5 days.

I heard it constantly rains in Malaysia so lucky you :)

Sara said...

Thanks Kitten! <3

Pictures taken, need to upload them sometime soon. It is raining ALOT here, mashaAllah. Also lightening and thunder so loud the floor of the aparatment shakes xD Invigorating haha.

Have fun in China hun, inshaAllah =)

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