Friday, July 16, 2010

Beautiful Duaa for repentance

اللهم إنى أستغفرك من كل ذنب تبت إليك منه ثم عدت فيه، وأستغفرك من كل ما وعدتك به من نفسى ولم أوف لك به، وأستغفرك من كل عمل أردت به وجهك فخالطه غيرك، وأستغفرك من كل نعمة أنعمت بها علىّ فاستعنت بها على معصيتك، وأستغفرك يا عالم الغيب والشهادة من كل ذنب آتيته فى ضياء النهار وسواد الليل فى ملأ أو خلاء وسر وعلانية يا حليم

The following is an attempt at translating to the best of my abilities (and with the aid of Google translate =P)

O Allah, I ask You for forgiveness from every sin I repented from to you then returned to it, and I ask you for forgiveness of all that I promised you of myself but did not fulfil, and I seek your forgiveness of all the work I commited to do for Your face only (i.e for Allah only) but it ended being shared amongst Yourself and others, and forgiveness of every blessing bestowed upon me by You that I used as an aid in transgressing against you, and I seek your forgivness, O Knower of the unseen and truth, of every sin I approached in the light of day and the darkness of night, with a crowd of people or alone, in secret or in open, O Most Patient One on the transgressions of his slaves.


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