Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Salam guys =)

I've been blessed with another last minute trip to Mecca, this time for Omra ofcourse. All I can say is that it was so lovely that I actually kinda felt depressed at having to leave xD InshaAllah I'll be blessed with another visit to Mecca soon.

The Haram was not as crowded as during Hajj time, that's a whole other scene on itself and cannot be described till you are actually there yourself (may Allah bless you all with Hajj soon) but it was still was pretty packed, more so than I expected at this time of year mashaAllah. I noticed that the greatest number of a particular country of people there were Turks. During Hajj and even until now I keep seeing a great number of Turkish people, mashaAllah. My mother told me that there's a kind of Islamic revolution going there, where people are coming back to the roots of the religion. Old and young Turks were there, and little adorable kids as well <3 We got to know a couple of people throughout our time in the Mosque, since you get to sit next to a different person at nearly every prayer. This is another thing I loved about the experience, having to meet people from all walks of life.

One thing that I did enjoy as well, and not related to the Haram, was this store we went into called Mecca Dates. They sell dates if you haven't figured it out yet =P I was on Cloud 9 in that store as the seller kept giving us samples and samples and samples of different dates, and I kept gourging on them .... I.LOVE.DATES! So I bought me two boxes of my favourite samples (one of them was called Anbar, I don't remember the name of the other one), and I finished them in like 3 days xD

Here's a photo, taken on the second day of us being there


Kitten said...

عمرة مقبولة ان شاءالله

I wish I could go again. The one and only time I did Umra was at the age of 11.

Sara said...

Ameen ya raab =) Thanks hun *hugs*

And inshaAllah you will be able to go soon! Ask Allah of it.

FAITH said...

tqabal allah 9ale7 a3malch
Hope to get to go there very soon inshallah. I miss the place so much :')

Sara said...

Ameen to both what you said *hugs* and I miss you!

FAITH said...

Miss you more Sarsoora. <3

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