Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perfect Balance

As Salam Alekoum

I was browsing through Huffington Post when I come across an article titled "Why are you here? A new theory may hold the missing piece". A few paragraphs from the article really caught my eye:

"... According to the current paradigm, the universe, and the laws of nature themselves, just popped out of nothingness. The story goes something like this: From the Big Bang until the present time, we've been incredibly lucky. This good fortune started from the moment of creation; if the Big Bang had been one-part-in-a-million more powerful, the cosmos would have rushed out too fast for the galaxies and stars to have developed. If the gravitational force were decreased by a hair, stars (including the Sun) wouldn't have ignited. There are over 200 physical parameters like this that could have any value but happen to be exactly right for us to be here. Tweak any of them and you never existed."

"The story of evolution reads just like "The Story of the Three Bears," In the nursery tale, a little girl named Goldilocks enters a home occupied by three bears and tries different bowls of porridge; some are too hot, some are too cold. She also tries different chairs and beds, and every time, the third is "just right." For 13.7 billion years we, too, have had chronic good luck. Virtually everything has been "just right." "

I just don't understand how someone can be OK with believing that the whole universe was created in "luck". The perfect balance of life, of the interactions of species, of little mathematical formulas in nature, of the Moon's giving the ebb and wave of the sea, of the dead seed becoming a live plant just with water, with everything, screams loudly to me of the existence of a force greater than anything in this universe ... of the existence of Allah.

Anyway, the new theory that is presented in the article, called Biocentrism, does not say that this is all happened randomly and that we are merely lucky for it all. Instead it says that rather than the universe having had created life, life created the universe. Our conscious minds is what creates time and space, and that they are not physical objects. You can read the principles of the theory from the wiki link.

I like how the theory says that life created the universe. I know that the scientist behind the theory is referring to us humans with the world (life). But from what I see, saying that life created the universe admits that there was an intelligent force behind the creation of our world. That it is impossible for it to all have been random coz the odds are beyond the word high lol. And I guess you guys know what that intelligent force is to me =)

Anyways, this post is not a self-reassurance for me on my faith in Allah, because I find assurances in my daily life, al hamdulillah. Instead, I just wanted to highlight the specific paragraphs in the article coz I liked their wording, and to let you guys know in what other ways people who don't believe in Allah try to justify and make sense of this world.

Wa Alekoum el Salam <3




MASHA ALLAH really nice work JAZAK ALLAH

Fathi M Albatie said...

Nice Observation. Those who tend to not put Allah in mind while exploring the universe will eventually fall into puzzles and make complicated conclusions. Everything is there, not by a chance. It is unproven and will never be.

Sara said...

Yeah, waiting for the next ground breaking theory lol

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