Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan goals

As Salam Alekoum

Ramadhan has been announced tomorrow in Malaysia =D Al 7amdulillah that we have been given another chance to see through this blessed month, and I would to extend my congratulations to Muslims all over the globe with the coming of Ramadhan <3

I love the idea that is being presented in the previous video, as it resonates true with what I am thinking also. I have written up my list of Ramadhan goals about a week ago, and I have it open in front of me right now, considering the different means by which I will achieve them all inshaAllah.

The list is long, but here are some points from it:

  • Work on having the best Kushoo during prayers (Al 7amdulillah the series I linked in my last link has been an excellent help with this)
  • To memorize a large section of the Quran
  • To spend my days reading and listening to an array of lectures (have built my library, just a few pieces missing that will be filled in the coming days inshaAllah =))
  • Qeeyam al Lail and lots of Quran reading

In addition to a list of goals, I have written out a list of things I will make Duaa for. Ramadhan is the month of Mercy. It is the month where Allah may forgive the sins of His worshipers and give them a clean slate to start with. It is our chance to redeem ourselves, and to increase our Eman and Taqwa.

Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen. Sit down and think, what would I like to achieve by the end of the thirty days. How do I want to improve myself, what would I like to ask of Allah, what do I need in my life. It need not be a long list of goals, just set something realistic for yourself so you may start slow and power onwards as time goes by.

May it be the best Ramadhan for all of us in terms of our Ibada, inshaAllah =)

As Salam Alekoum


Giselle said...

Ameen ya Rab!

A beautiful post and very informative. May it be a blessed month on all of us and I hope that it'd be a nice experience for you and your family over in Malaysia!

You are dearly missed! *hugs*


Sara said...

*hugs back* took me a few moments to realize who you are ya Giselle =P Ameen, miss you too, see you soon inshaAllah and send my love to your family <3

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