Monday, June 14, 2010

Time, Love, Praise and Encouragement in Relationships - Nouman Ali Khan

Salam Alekoum =)

A new lecture by Nouman, revolving around how to maintain a healthy relationship between spouses and children. Although the talk is mainly addressed to Muslim men rather than women, I found it to be really enlightening in terms of how I would like to raise my children in the future, as well as behave with my husband (if, Allah willing, I am blessed with both these things).

One thing that resonated with me is how Nouman mentioned the fact that your spouse, your parents, your family, is a gift from Allah to you. Not having or maintaining a good relationship to them and being ungrateful to them really means that you are ungrateful to Allah, who gave you this gift.

May Allah forgive me for all my shortcomings before when it comes to my parents and family. I love them with all my heart, no matter how insane it can get at times haha =P

Salam out!


Moi said...

Beautiful lecture! Jazach Allah khair :)

Sara said...

Wa 2eeyaki 7abibti =)

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